Teng Tools 44PC 1/2" Drive Socket Set Metric & AF Mecca Pro T1244

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  • Teng Tools 44PC 1/2" Drive Socket Set Metric & AF Mecca Pro T1244
  • Teng Tools 44PC 1/2" Drive Socket Set Metric & AF Mecca Pro T1244

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The Teng Tools T1244 socket set is a 44pc set that includes various different sizes of sockets, plug sockets.

This set also contains numerous screwdrivers and a 17'' Flex handle.

This set is supplied in a solid robust hard casing which provides protection and allows easy transportation.


T1244 Features:

FRP ratchet & 17" flex handle.

2½", 5" and 10" extension bars.

16 and 21mm spark plug sockets.


T1244 Specification:

½" drive 12 point regular sockets: 10mm 32mm

½" drive 12 point regular sockets: ³/8" - 1"

½" drive 12 point deep sockets: 10, 13, 17, 19mm

Universal joint & ³/8"F :½"M adaptor

Screwdrivers: PZ1, PZ2, Flat 5.5, 6.5mm


What is Included:

1 x M120510-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 10mm

1 x M120511-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 11mm

1 x M120512-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 12mm

1 x M120513-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 13mm

1 x M120514-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 14mm

1 x M120515-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 15mm

1 x M120516-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 16mm

1 x M120517-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 17mm

1 x M120518-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 18mm

1 x M120519-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 19mm

1 x M120520-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 20mm

1 x M120521-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 21mm

1 x M120522-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 22mm

1 x M120523-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 23mm

1 x M120524-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 24mm

1 x M120527-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 27mm

1 x M120530-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 30mm

1 x M120532-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 32mm

1 x M120610-C1/2 "DR.DEEP SOCKET 10mm 12PT

1 x M120613-C1/2" DR.DEEP SOCKET 13mm 12PT

1 x M120617-C1/2" DR.DEEP SOCKET 17mm 12PT

1 x M120619-C1/2" DR.DEEP SOCKET 19mm 12PT

1 x M120112-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 3/8"

1 x M120116-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 1/2"

1 x M120118-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 9/16"

1 x M120119-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 19/32"

1 x M120122-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 11/16"

1 x M120125-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 25/32"

1 x M120126-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 13/16"

1 x M120132-C1/2" DR.SOCKET 1"

1 x M120040-C1/2" DR 16mm SPARK PLUG SKT

1 x M120046-C1/2" DR 21mm SPARK PLUG SKT

1 x M120020-C1/2" DR. 2-1/2" EXTENSION BAR

1 x M120022-C1/2" DR. 10" EXTENSION BAR

1 x M120021-C1/2" DR. 5" EXTENSION BAR

1 x M120030-C1/2" DR. UNIVERSAL JOINT


1 x M380036-C3/8" FX1/2"M ADAPTOR

1 x 601013 RIGGER JIGGER

1 x 1201 FLEXIBLE HANDLE 1/2''

1 x MD922N SCREWDRIVER FLAT 1.5x5.5x75

1 x MD928N1 SCREWDRIVER FLAT 1.2x6.5x100


1 x MD962N SCREWDRIVER PZ2 x 100


What warranty do Teng Tools offer?

Teng Tools offer an 'Everlasting Power Guarantee' which means that all Teng Tools products will be replaced or repaired should they break during normal usage due to a manufacturing or material fault.

They do sell products that contain moving parts like ratchets & torque wrenches that need to be serviced regularly. Service kits are available for these items.

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